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Message From President – AEE Delhi

Driven by the love of being in the chosen profession, AEE members embrace challenges and adapt to the change while never pretending to be what they are not. As the ever increasing entropy inherent in inefficiencies in energy conversions has already threatened sustainability of life on the planet, it is time to conserve at least our own inner energies by avoiding indulgence in unintelligent acts. This is the background behind BESTO (“Be Sensitive to others”) as our core code of conduct.

As improved efficiencies invariably lead to better profits, businesses would happily participate in the efficiency games. The initial reluctance to invest in efficiency needs to be addressed by incentivising certification of ISO-50001 (EnMS) which is proven path for improvement in energy performance of all kinds of organizations. As monitoring of energy efficiency improvement is inherent in the process of certification of ISO 50001, there is no need for any bureaucratic control. All that the Govt. has to do is to formulate a right policy that catalyses ISO 50001 certification.

As the individuals are the building blocks of the society, emphasis on individual development is of equal importance. They need to be informed of the global emergency, a ‘do or die’ situation which cannot be left with technologists or policy makers or Governments. It calls for understanding not only the external processes but also internal processes within individuals. To understand how we perceive things and events around us and how we create a sense of self calls for looking inwards but we are accustomed to look outwards using our sensory cognition system. In most cases, a traumatic experience turns our attention to inwards when you understand mechanism of understanding. But we can assert ourselves on our mind in the rat race and devote few minutes in a day to reflect or contemplate on our existence, we may transcend in to a meditative state which is the state of least wastage of inner energies or highest efficiency leading to peace and joy. As we are making all out efforts for optimizing energy efficiency in external energy conversion processes, it is worthwhile making similar endeavours for our inner energy systems. No guidelines-find your path.


I take this opportunity to record my appreciation of the dedication of our Secretary-Prof. Vivek Kumar who kept chasing all and everyone concerned to see launch of the website and updating the contents.

Good Luck

Dalip Singh